Typography Tuesday #5

Here’s a black & white poster I did while thinking of the Occupy movement. I kept it just a simple black and white because I’m thinking of doing it as a silkscreen print. There’s been some talk of doing a benefit art show to help raise money for the local Occupiers here in KC.



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Typography Tuesday #4

These are some buttons that I designed for Ink’s Ipad app. I’m not sure if its out yet to the public, but I think they turned out pretty well. I’m showing both buttons here oversized to show them off a bit. The small one with just the i will actually only be 29 pixels x 29 pixels only a little over a third of an inch square.  So I just used the i by itself so it will still be eye-grabbing, not some really little type that would be hard to read. I actually had to fight to get this OKed. I guess that’s why I thought of this for a typography post because sometimes you really need to explain why you made the type decisions you did even when people already agree it does look good.


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Typography Tuesday #3

Graphic design and typography at its most basic and hopefully one of its most potent forms. People speaking from the gut on protest signs. These photos I shot while I was on the OccupyKC march on Sunday October 9th. To find out more about the cause and see more photos from the movement go to http://occupykc.com

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Living In Style Illustration

Here’s my latest cover illustration for Living In Style. I like the blue, orange and red colors. It has a nice fall feel to it.

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Typography Tuesday #2

Here’s a rework of one of my older illustrations. I think it works better with the type in the background.


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Nerdy Numbers (web traffic)

I don’t know if anyone else would be interested in this, but I’m guessing this will be the best way to track whether or not my site is improving or not over time. So here’s my first nerdy numbers post about my web traffic on this site. I just cleared my 1,000th unique visitor here on friday. So in honor of this first milestone here are the stats.

4.5 months
1,036 unique visitors
2,915 visits
8,124 page views
25,863 image hits
Average time on site per visit 4 min. 13 sec.
extra non-human traffic 10,548 pages & 12,365 hits

The site has been visited by 66 different countries
The Top ten countries (by hits):
1. United States: 22,592
2. Great Britain: 364
3. Canada: 336
4. Russian Federation: 318
5. Germany 225
6. Saudi Arabia 195
7. Brazil 166
8. European Country (Don’t ask) 104
9. Spain 99
10. France 84

Top Search Engines:
1. Google 380 searches
2. Yandex (Russian) 28 searches
3. Bing 14 searches
4. Yahoo 9 searches

Visitors coming from other sites:
1. Dribbble.com 111 visits
2. Twitter 37 visits
3. Illustration Mundo 26 visits
4. Illustration Friday 22 visits

Now let’s see how long it’ll take me to get to the next 1,000 unique visitors. Go!


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My first Illustration Friday is Ferocious

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