Typography Tuesday #6

Here’s a banner I designed for a LGBT Festival in Kansas City called Pride Fest. They wanted to do the Kansas City skyline in rainbow colors. I decided to do it in a cut paper style. Quite a big departure from my Blue Mustang illustration. Still a fun project though.

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Midcoast Takeover Handbill

Here’s a handbill/postcard (yes, it’s two sided) that I did for the Kansas City’s Midcoast Takeover. Go support your local music and go see one of these shows. They’re putting money together for their Kansas City showcase at the SXSW music festival later this year. I had a lot of fun making the beat up old van illustration and I think the color palette I came up with for this piece turned out well. For more info on the shows go to www.midcoasttakeover.com

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Nerdy Numbers 2 (Web Traffic)

Well I’ve broke 2,000 unique visitors a couple of days ago, so as I said on the first nerdy numbers post I would track this. Just skip this post if this isn’t your thing. It’s just interesting for me to see how things are progressing.

Here are the stats for the second 1,000:

3.75 months
1,018 unique visitors
3,150 visits
7,880 page views
22,270 image hits
Average time on site per visit 3 min. 20 sec.

Below here I’m just doing the totals for the full 2,000:
The site has been visited by 81 different countries

The Top ten countries (by hits):
1. United States: 37,596
2. European Country (Don’t ask) 1,663
3. Great Britain: 952
4. Canada: 872
5. Germany 663
6. Russian Federation: 631
7. Indonesia 528
8. Netherlands 489
9. Sweden 389
10. Brazil 330

Top Search Engines (hits, not searches):
1. Google 570 hits
2. Yandex (Russian) 39 hits
3. Bing 26 hits
4. Yahoo 8 hits
5. Stumble 7 hits
6. Digg 1 hit

Visitors coming from other sites:
1. Dribbble.com 208 visits
2. Twitter 39 visits
3. Illustration Mundo 37 visits
4. Illustration Friday 30 visits
5. Facebook 27 visits

Next web traffic post won’t be until I hit 10,000 unique visitors.

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Two of my posters are now on Occuprint

I just took this for my own fun. My posters are “Banks know the Price of Everything…” and “Who really runs this Land”. This is a great website to check out. Designers and artists from all over the world are submitting posters to this site. The accepted ones are put up on the site and if you click on the thumbnail it will take you to a page where you can download a PDF of the poster for your own use. They also pick a few of the posters from the site to be printed in the Occupy Wall Street newspaper. Go check out this great site: www.occuprint.org another website you can also check out for Occupy artwork is www.theoccupyvoice.com This one is a site run by a local Zine artist Marc Saviano check it out and also keep a look out for a possible new zine to come out of this website.


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The new design of the Occupy KC newspaper’s Header (Typography Tuesday #6)

Here it is!  The Occupy KC newspaper’s new flag. The creators of this paper wanted an old-school look to it. This black and white paper hit the streets this last weekend. It was a small run of 400, a good start for a project that is only going to grow. If you are in Kansas City keep an eye out for it, there might still be a few left. The next issue will be out in mid-February.




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Typography Tuesday #5

What can I say? I have Occupy on the brain. I went to the William Black talk tonight up at UMKC which was co-sponsored by Occupy Kansas City. He talked about how Crony Capitalism has taken over our fine country and turned it into a Plutocracy. I think my poster here fits perfect with what he was talking about, so here it is. Check out what the Occupy movement is up to and if you are a fellow Kansas City native take a look at this website: http://www.occupykc.net

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