Music Schedule for the 2012 Plaza Art Fair

Kansas City has a great local music scene. I’ve heard 8 of these bands and I’m hoping to catch at least a couple more of them at the fair. GO CHECK OUT THE MUSIC AND THE ART!

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114th Annual Old Settlers Celebration

This is the third year, maybe the fourth, that I have been able to do the design for the Old Settlers Celebration program. The festival is 114 years old so I’ve done another old western look for the cover. One of the great things about getting to do an annual festival for several years in a row is it really gives you the opportunity to see how much you’ve improved since the last time you worked on it. This cover design is the same basic elements from the last year’s, I think I just improved on them… greatly. If you go through my older posts you’ll find last year’s cover. ¬†Judge for yourself.

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Portrait of The Kansas City Star’s Founder

I’m working on the United Way campaign again this year for The Kansas City Star. This year they’re giving away “Star Bucks” to employees whenever they do something to support United Way. The “Star Bucks” can be used towards drawings giving at the end of the campaign. So I created the dollar bills complete with a portrait of The Kansas City Star’s founder William Rockhill Nelson. The stodgy old man definitely looks like he could be on a dollar bill.

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New Home Guide Cover

Here’s my latest cover for the Home Buyer’s Guide. This latest issue had nothing but condos in it, so I did an illustration of a building that looked like a condo that I might want to live in. So here it is. On the actual print the index of stories was put on the roof.

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2012 Gladstone Bluesfest Cover

This year’s Gladstone Summertime Bluesfest cover is a simple variation of the logo design. I was working on some portraits of the two headline acts when one of the headliners passed away. So this design is a quick change of the cover at the last minute, but I think it worked out well. Check out for more information on the festival.

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2012 Middle of the Map Cover

Here’s the cover I did for this year’s Middle of the Map Festival. I think it turned out really cool. I may need to start posting some photos of the actual printed pieces. I think this one looks even better printed than on screen. This is the second year of this music fest here in Kanas City and it was even bigger and better than the year before. My girlfriend and I got to see A Lull, Coalecse, and Fucked Up. It was a blast. It was my first time in a mosh pit in over a decade and I have more weight to throw around these days. Don’t worry I didn’t hurt anyone.

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Home Guide Cover

Hey you may recognize this piece from a logo I posted a while back and that’s because it’s the same project. The people really liked the look but not the name so instead of it being the Ink Spots logo, we went with making it the whole cover of the publication with the new name of the Home Guide. They wanted to keep the name real generic on purpose. I’m happy with the art being blown up into a full cover. We went with blues to fit with the Ink cover that this section inserted in, which was a about the Royals. And oh by the way… GO ROYALS!!!


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