2012 Coda Jazz Fund Poster

Here’s the 10th anniversary CODA Jazz Fund poster. It’s the first time I have gotten to work with this organization. I am a bit of a Jazz fan so it was a lot of fun getting to work on this poster along with the program and ads. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to the concert, which I heard was really good. For those who haven’t heard of the Coda Jazz Fund it is a Kansas City based non-for-profit organization that helps pay for career Jazz Musicians funeral costs. They’ve helped such artists as Claude “Fiddler” Williams who I got to see play at the Jazz Heritage Festival back in the 90’s. Here’s a link to their website. codajazzfund.org

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The Dribbble Invite Winner is Ruben Alvarez!

Thanks to everyone who sent me portfolios to review for the invite. I had 54 people from pretty much all around the world including one website that was done in 3 different languages, none of which were English. There wasn’t a weak portfolio in the bunch. Next time I get a Dribbble invite I will definitely be doing another one of these contests. You have all inspired me greatly, I wish I could have drafted more people. Here’s a link to Ruben Alvarez’s new dribbble page under the name Ursa Mater. Enjoy!

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Dribbble Invite Giveaway

I’m giving away one Dribbble invite. No hoops to jump through.(funny!) You don’t have to follow me or like my stuff or anything like that. All you have to do is email me at: mnickells2@yahoo.com and send me a link to your portfolio and let me know what your name is on dribbble. Next monday, November 19th, I’ll pick my favorite portfolio and draft them. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of awesome work. GOOD LUCK!

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Icon for the Kansas City Interactive Network

Here’s a Icon I did for the Kansas City Interactive Network. They wanted a star and all the colors you see above. I think it turned out pretty well with all the swirling colors in a ball.   Fun and eye catching thats what I think.

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Illustration Friday: Sky

Just playing around with mood. This is a recreation of a happy cover illustration I did a little over a year ago. If you haven’t checked out Illustration Friday before you definitely need to take a look. Here’s the link. http://illustrationfriday.com/

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One Serious Chef

Here’s another illustration of the founder of The Kansas City Star. This time as a chef. This is for an internal United Way campaign at work. The kickoff event is a pancake breakfast

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Home Guide Cover September 2012

Here’s the latest Home Guide cover I have done. I’m just keeping it simple, clean, almost child-like.

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