15 Intriguing Artists of the 2013 Kansas City Comic Con

Sorry I know this is really late, but I figure it’s better late than never. I had a great time going to this year’s Kansas City Comic Con. All the people in costume, the panels of professionals talking about Comics with the fans, but my favorite part is going to Artists Alley and talking to the artists that make comic books big or small. I got to hear Neal Adams tell a story about his days in art school while watching him do a vampire sketch for a fan, definitely an awesome moment. Above are some of the comics I bought there. Screamland is done by a local artist Hector Casanova, check it out if you haven’t before it’s fun book. I would leave a link to his website but it’s under construction. The other two local comic artists I picked up some books from are Wet Black Ghost Studios (Long Walk to Valhalla) and Darren Neely’s “The Prospector”. (No websites for them either)

Here’s my list of artists you should check out that were Kansas City’s Comic Con with links:

Neal Adams: www.nealadams.com
Peter Bagge: www.peterbagge.com
Terry Beatty: www.terrybeatty.com
Chris Grine: www.chickenhare.com
Jimmy Grist: www.jimmygrist.net
Dusty Higgins: www.dustyhiggins.com
Greg Horn: www.greghornjudge.com
Jason Latour: www.jasonlatour.blogspot.com
Ant Lucia: www.antlucia.com
Tony Moore: www.tonymooreillustration.com
Scott Quick: www.camdenbottoms.com
Steven Sanders: www.studiosputnik.com
Cat Staggs: www.catstaggs.com
Kyle Strahm: www.kylestrahm.com
Freddie Williams II: www.freddieart.com

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New Illustration for the March Home Guide Cover

Here’s the latest illustration I’ve done. I wanted to try something different from what I usually do, so here it is. I like how it turned out, less dramatic, more happy and playful.

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Just Like Being There… a documentary on Music Posters

For the opening event at Kansas City Design Week, AIGA KC had a gig poster show and viewing of the documentary Just Like Being There at the Vox Theater along with guest speakers Scout Shannon (the director) and the guys from local printshop and gig poster makers Vahalla Studios. The movie is a great behind the scenes look into the people and the growing culture behind the resurgence of the gig poster scene. Scout talks to and goes into the houses and print shops of a lot of the great artists making posters today along with some of the people who are starting to branch out into other genres with their work. He talks to such a long list of talented people I can’t list them all off for you here, but here is a few that really stuck out in my memory: Tyler Stout, Delicious Design League, Strawberry Luna, Jay Ryan, Daniel Danger and last but not least Kevin Tong. Just for your information since the movie has very little distribution you’ll probably have to wait for the DVD to come out in late April or keep an eye out for it on netflix. The Kansas City Design Week event was great with the poster show made up of work from the artists in the movie and getting a chance to ask questions of the director and the guys at Vahalla was interesting. If you weren’t able to go I highly suggest that you check out the movie on your own and look into the artists that he interviews in the documentary. A LOT OF TALENTED PEOPLE, I was both inspired and intimidated at the same time.

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Coffeehouse Radio’s 25th Anniversary Show

Here’s a poster I’ve done for Coffeehouse Radio Show on KKFI 90.1FM Kansas City’s Community Radio Station. I volunteer down at the station and this a way I could help out down there. I’m happy with how the poster turned out. I really like the font I found for the top. Go check out the show. It should be some really great folk music.

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I just joined my local AIGA for $50!

Late last year AIGA changed their membership rates. For someone like me who has been out of school for awhile but still interested in joining AIGA it used to cost at least $300 a year. Now anyone can join for as little as $50 a year at contributor level. So if you ever were considering trying this design organization to see what they are about now would be the time to give them a try. I’ve emailed some of the chairs and they told me to come to the next board meeting to join one of there committees and get involved. I’ll keep writing posts on my experiences as a member of AIGA. Here’s a link to the membership page, check it out. www.aiga.org/join

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I think my desktop has gotten away from me…

It’s going to take awhile to organize all this, maybe I’ll just make a folder called “my desktop 1-18-13” and just stick everything in that. I’ll still be able to find everything with a search. It’s good to be busy though.

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Happy Holidays!


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