2011 Gladstone Bluesfest Cover

For this cover I did an illustration of the two headliners. Tab Benoit is the main act on friday and Kelley Hunt is the headliner on saturday. Tab Benoit plays the same style of guitar that the Gladstone Bluesfest uses in their logo so I had him playing their logo guitar in the illustration with their type treatment across the top. Everyone I worked with was great and the artists were very kind in giving me permission in illustrating their likenesses. This is a very family friendly music festival so I kept things light and happy especially for a blues show.

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Royals Local Music Showcase

Here’s a schedule I did for the Royals’ Local Music Showcase. The talented bands playing before the Royals games, do all different styles of music: rock, country, hip-hop, funk, christian, etc. So I decided to focus on the venue instead of the music. I did a very simple illustration of the Kauffman Stadium’s scoreboard that any Royals fan would pick up in a second. Technically I used the old design of the scoreboards because I liked having the small secondary scoreboard to show what band is on deck for the next concert, but the main scoreboard is generally the same design besides the fact that the new one is huge and hi-def. I was very excited when I heard the Royals O.K.ed my simple design and illustration. I’m a big Royals fan and getting to work with them was a HUGE deal for me.

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Middle of the Map Music Festival

I did this cover for Kansas City’s 1st Annual Kansas City Music Festival earlier this month. I recreated the different elements of the festival’s logo (the Middle of the Map Type & the United States shape in green lines) and then drew in a microphone going through the middle of the states. I left it pretty loose to give it an Indie feel for the festival music. Below is a live video from one of the Middle of the Map bands.


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