New podcast I’ve been listening to, Adventures In Design

A fun and insightful podcast by Mark Brickey of Hero Design and Billy Bauman of The Delicious Design League host the Adventures In Design podcast. You should give them a try and get a behind the scenes listen to what is going on with gig poster/screen printing studios world as they talk about everything from flatstock at SXSW to French paper to Fab sales to what other designers do that pisses them off. They’ve had me laughing while I work a lot of times. You should definitely give them a shot. Here are some other sites they have to get some visuals of what they are talking about an see what people are saying about the shows: AID facebook and the AID Homepage.

Also a quick additional note Illustration Party Time has started podcasting again for the first time in about two years, so check them out at Illustration Party Time.

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