My latest shot on

This is my latest shot on possibly the most addictive design/illustration site on the web. This is a very active community of creatives from all over the world. I estimate that there is over 15,000 people registered on this site as either active “players” or passive spectators. Both ways you can find all kinds of inspiration, but to enter your own work for viewing you have to be “drafted” as a player. There are new pieces going up for viewing and comments every few minutes everyday. ┬áTo get “drafted” a.k.a get invited to the site you need to tweet that you want an invite (use #dribbble to get in front of the right people) on Twitter (You will also need to put in a link to your portfolio so players can look at your stuff.) To give you an idea of how global this site is I was drafted by a web designer from Germany and one of the last illustrator’s I commented with was from New Zealand. I’m from Kansas City, MO. The artwork people put up is also tagged so you can look through pieces separated out from the rest by a keyword like “typography” or “illustration”. Another function for players on this site that I’ve used a lot is buckets. With a bucket you can set up your own groupings of artwork that you may want to look at again and again by any category you want. I’ve created a vector bucket for any vector illustrations that I see something I would like to revisit. It’s like curating your own virtual gallery. Some people put up pieces at different stages of completion so you can see their process, which is always interesting to see. Here’s the link to the site again and if your interested in the other shots I’ve put up here’s my link I appreciate all the views/comments/likes that I can get. I hope you check out this site and get involved.


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