Political Moments of Glory #1

PrintHere’s the first illustration of a series I’m starting called Political Moments of Glory. Stutzman’s quote above hits it’s right on the head exactly how stupid this whole Government Shutdown really was and how broken the politics is here in the United States.

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Here’s my latest illustration for the Home Guide


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Website Header Design for Radio Show Blog

Here’s a header design I did for an activism radio show I work on. This is the header for their blog at www.miccheckmedia.com. Check it out.

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Inspiring video of the making of John Mayer’s Album cover

This video is so inspiring to me. In today’s world of working on a computer, most designers like me are lucky if they get a week to work on something and during that week we probably have another 4 to 6 smaller things to work on also. It’s great to see someone making it as a craftsman, doing things by hand and getting so long to work on something that they can really craft something and hone it to perfection. Be sure to watch to the end of this video, there is a link at the end of it to another of video of David A. Smith’s tradition sign-writer/designer work.

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My First European Show

A few months ago I received an invitation over email from a gallery in Milan Italy. They invited me to participate in their Occupy show. They found me through my pieces that made it into Occuprint last year. So here we are with a couple of pictures of my poster that Verena was nice enough to take for me at her Ar/Ge Kunst Gallery in Milan, Italy. I wish I could go and see it in person, but there is no way I could swing a trip like that right now. They did mention printing a gallery book for the show, so hopefully I can get that and see all the pieces in it and maybe an outside shot of the gallery itself.

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For something completely different, my photography

I’ve been shooting street photography of different protests, Occupy and otherwise, for the past three years. This photo is from the ALEC protest in front of the AT&T building in Kansas City just won a merit award in the national juried not(2)BIG show in Lexington, Kentucky. The judge was Arturo Sandoval, a fine arts professor at the University of Kentucky. The gallery hosting the show is MZ Rezny Gallery.

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New podcast I’ve been listening to, Adventures In Design

A fun and insightful podcast by Mark Brickey of Hero Design and Billy Bauman of The Delicious Design League host the Adventures In Design podcast. You should give them a try and get a behind the scenes listen to what is going on with gig poster/screen printing studios world as they talk about everything from flatstock at SXSW to French paper to Fab sales to what other designers do that pisses them off. They’ve had me laughing while I work a lot of times. You should definitely give them a shot. Here are some other sites they have to get some visuals of what they are talking about an see what people are saying about the shows: AID facebook and the AID Homepage.

Also a quick additional note Illustration Party Time has started podcasting again for the first time in about two years, so check them out at Illustration Party Time.

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